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    DAFNE is :
    DAFNE runs immediately after the XSDST production by DSTANA and has as outputs the XSDST files
    corresponding to the different data streams, with all the DAFNE tagging results stored in the pilot record.
    In addition, ASCII event list files (the scanning lists) are produced. The scanning lists contain the tagging
    results event per event. They can be used to scan the events with a certain tag and are used to provide the
    hotline statistics information.
    The program consists of:
    DAFNE (Delphi Analysis code to Flag New Events) was first used in the LEP run at central mass energy of
    130 GeV (November 1995) and many people contributed to its development.
    Since 97 the DAFNE DST is the reference data stream for analysis. Before the 1999 run, the need to "refresh"
    DAFNE became universally felt. The main code was simplified and moved to SKELANA, the topological
    treatment was developed and the set of tagging routines was reduced.

    Tagging routines:

    Some information on the DAFNE tagging routines, both user and internal tags, can be found below.
    The information needed for understanding the scan lists is provided here.
    For the moment no specific routine pages are available, but they are vary welcome!

    Where is the code ?

    dfn.car is the main code
    dafne.csh is an example script
    t*.car are the tagging routines
    README.txt code description

    DAFNE code releases:

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