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For general questions/comments concerning DAFNE please contact M.C. Espirito Santo (or DAFNE)

Tagging routines:

Routine Purpose Contact
TOPO Topological characterization of the event according to the nb. of jets and isolated particles (both a tagging code and a more readable description are provided) MC Espirito Santo
VETO Flagging of Bhabha, Compton, gamma-gamma fusion and gamma-gamma QED events. MC Espirito Santo/A. Lipniacka
TEMIS Flagging of events MC Espirito Santo
TPTMX Flagging of events with low visible tranverse momentum MC Espirito Santo
TBABA Definition of the STIC event stream Vincent Hedberg
TCOSM Tagging of cosmic events using the TOF and HCAL Reyes Alemany/Gustavo Wolf
THADR Definition of the Hadronic event stream, cross-section on-line computation Alessandro De Angelis
TWW WW events tagging (hadronic,semileptonic and leptonic) Chris Parkes/Roberto Chierici
TZZ ZZ events tagging MC Espirito Santo
TNNG single photon events tagging Pamela Ferrari
T4JET 4 jet events preselection Pierre Lutz
THA Tagging of hA candidades Jesus Marco
THLL Tagging of hll candidates V. Ruhlmann-Kleider / MC Espirito Santo
THNN tagging of hnn candidates Enrico Piotto/Chiara Mariotti
THNN_IDA tagging of hnn candidates (IDA) R. Keranen
TNEUT Neutralino events tagging Anna Lipniacka
TSTAU Stau candidates preselection and tagging Mikael Berggren
TGLOS Tagging of events with a photon lost in a crack and seen by the hermeticity taggers MC Espirito Santo/S. Navas
TDEGE Tagging of chargino candidates in very degenerate scenarios AndreaPerrotta
TDISP Tagging of long lived stau candidates by looking for displaced vertices Francesca Cavallo
TMJET Monojet events tagging MC Espirito Santo
TNOTA Attributes a code to the event according to the dafne/delana/T4 info MC Espirito Santo