Meaning of the variables in the DAFNE scan lists:

In the scan lists writen out by DAFNE, in addition to the tagging results for each event, a set of physical quantities helpful in characterizing the event is provided. The meaning of each variable is explained here:

Ecm Centre-of-mass energy
Ncha Charged multiplicity (good tracks only)
Evis Total visible energy
Ptmis transverse missing momentum
Mvis Total visible mass
LID Lepton identification code: XYZ
(X=nb. of isolated elecrons, Z=nb. of isolated muons, Y=nb. of isolated non-identified charged)
Pisol Momentum of the most energetic isolated lepton
(remark: in the beginning of 99A it is the isolation angle...)
Btag event Btag probability (for events tagged by the hA or hnunu routines) (-5=not computed)
Eami Lowest energy x lowest angle (4 jet events!)
Mass fit m1=m2 mass from the constraint fit imposing equal masses (4 jet events!)
Mass fit mz jet pair mass imposing the Z mass on the other pair (4 jet events!)