EVENT-FILTER pilot record informations

EVENT-FILTER pilot record informations

In this page you can find the description of pilot record banks containing the results of the DELANA event-filter. You can also find the instructions about how to run on DELANA event-filter selected events.

                                PILOT RECORD
                             DANA blocklet(8.0)

    +18     DELANA tagging bits:
            bit     27 = 1 if the event passes the pre-filter

                                PILOT RECORD
                             DANA blocklet(8.2)

    +1      Wordcount                                                   (23)
    +2      Identifier (bits 1- 4)                                       (8)
            Error code (bits 5-32)                            (Usually FF10)
    +3      Sub-identifier                                               (2)
    +21     DELANA Event-filter results:
            bits     1 : event passes Super Team 1 selection
                     2 : event is single tagged gamma/gamma
                     3 : event is anti-tag gamma/gamma
                     4 : shower in HPC or FEMC with E > 5 GeV
                     5 : flagged as calibration event by DELANA
                     6 : soft event for degenerate searches 1
                     7 : single lepton event
                  8-12 : 'Hadronic' event selections from THADR 1-5
                    13 : soft event for degenerate searches 2
    +22     DELANA calibration tag details:
            bits     1 : collinear energetic tracks or showers. (mumu , ee)
                     2 : back to back low multiplicity jets (tautau)
                     3 : gamma/gamma ---> lepton/lepton
                     4 : single electron  (old tag not accepted by filter)
                     5 : old Compton tag  (old tag not accepted by filter)
                   6-7 : Compton tag (barrel)
                     8 : Compton tag (forward)

    +23     Wordcount                                                   (23) 

IMPORTANT: if you want to access to the events selected with the expected 1998 criteria then you should run only on events satisfying the following test on the DANA pilot record banks (8.0) and (8.2):
      IF (DELSEL()) ---> The event is accepted !!
You can find the DELSEL function in /afs/cern.ch/delphi/tasks/dafne/ut/delsel.car. Please link to it rather then copying it. In order to compile it you need the PHCDE KEEP of phdstxx.car at the PATCHY step and phdstxx library at link step.
It will be very important if you run your analysis on such selected events and report us any difference you will get in the final results, compared to the analysis done on the full data set.

Last update 7 May 1999