First high energy data on the 8th of April!!
This last year of LEP has rather particular characteristics. We are running in the miniramp scheme to take the maximum out of the machine, so we get some mixture of centre-of-mass energies! Also, it is important to spot any anomalies (and hopefully to use the statistical advantages of working in closer collaboration with the other LEP experiments), so a quick and continuous follow up of the data taking is crucial.
As usual, the Hotline page tries to put together relevant information concerninn the follow up of the data: data flow, acess to data tapes, information on the Dafne tags and streams, acess to the Dafne tagging statistics and event scan lists, access to the Interactive Event Search (IES) and to the data/data and data/MC comparison histograms produced in Dafne.

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  • Interactive Event Search IES 2000 (R.Marco)
  • Histograms (still 1999): DATA/MC and DATA/DATA comparison for '99 and '98

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