DELPHI has activity areas which are geographically widespread : the detector itself is situated at about 5km from CERN in France close to Ferney-Voltaire and the location is called PIT 8. Anybody from the collaboration needs a valid passport (maybe a visa) for the border crossing, a DELPHI access card to enter the area and a film badge to go down to the detector.

In building 13, inside CERN, you will find on the :

Ground floor
Some of the DELPHI Off-line computers (DELFARM/DELICE & Graphics)
2nd floor :
The DELPHI Secretariat which deals with access cards, CERN contracts, film badges, etc.
Main conference room for seminars
3rd floor:
The DELPHI Central Computing Group: Anita Bjorkebo, Tzanko Spassoff, Bldg 13/3-032, TEL41.22.767 20 62
The cafeteria

The DELPHI User's guide for computing & analysis


1) Go to the Users' Office, main building 61/R-024TEL+41.22.767 67 67+41.22 767 91 91
As soon as UNPAID USERS attached to the EP Division arrive at CERN, they must go in person to the USERS 'OFFICE (click), the administrative service for Unpaid Associates, to be registered. Before travelling to CERN make sure that you are able to answer all the questions asked by the Users'office. You may need to make inquiries at your institute !

For example, your insurance. Does it cover you for work and private accidents as well as medical expenses while you work at CERN? If not, such an insurance can be obtained by joining the CERN AUSTRIA insurance scheme at your own expense but it should be pointed out that it is VERY EXPENSIVE.

Please note that you need the signature and team account number of your Team Leader (Group Leader) on the registration form found under "Users'Office". It would be very useful to obtain it before you come to CERN.

2) Go to the DELPHI Secretariat for office space and telephone numbers, to be registered in the "Who's Who". Ask for DELPHI notes, publications, etc...and get instructions for general registration and computer accounts.



The DELPHI secretariat is located in building 13, Office 2-036

TEL+41.22.767 75 71 or 71 96

+41.22.782 30 84 Fax station is situated in this office.

The DELPHI "Who's Who" is kept up to date and is published once per year. Members of the Collaboration must make sure that their entries to "Who's Who" are correct and up to date.


For any comments, contact Nathalie Knoors

(as of 18/09/2000)