DELPHI-DPHEP DELPHI data preservation activity

Changes since 2002

Many years after the end of the experiment IT services are changing, and the software stack has to adapt to that to ensure the continued accessibility of the DELPHI data. Changes in services include: At the same time new services have arrived which replace the functionality of these disappearing services.

New DELPHI software stack

Based on the software CD created in 2002 a new software stack has been created. It is the default on CentOS7 (eg., and is also available for testing on SLC6 (lxplus). The new software stack has no remaining dependencies on AFS, LSF or CASTOR. It should work fine outside CERN as well. Currently, the following operating systems are supported: These tags are created from the output of the command "lsb_release -a".

Using and testing

On Centos7 (eg the new software stack is the default. On lxplus you can test it by manually sourcing /cvmfs/ or /cvmfs/, depending on your shell. You may need to review your local settings.

Caveats and things still to be done

Tasks still to be performed are tracked in the DPHEP JIRA task tracker. Input to any of the tickets is very welcome. Some remarks (as of Nov. 2017):


At this point in time it is very difficult to do meaningful in depth tests of the stack. If you use it please do cross checks with old archived data if possible, and report any problems to

Links and references

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