The names below are the official contacts with the LEP working groups. They are not the only persons from DELPHI working within the group: please contact the Working Group convenor for more details on the various responsibilities within the group.

LEP Energy Working Group

Guy Wilkinson

LEP Higgs Working Group

Pierre Lutz
Alex Read

LEP SUSY Working Group

Alberto De Min
Luc Pape

W Working Group

Niels Jorgen Kjaer
Alessandra Tonazzo

QCD Working Group

Pedro Abreu
Alessandro De Angelis
Klaus Hamacher
Daniel Wicke

Two fermions Working Group

Markus Elsing
John Holt
Peter Renton

LEP1 Working Groups

LEP Heavy Flavour Steering Group

Marco Battaglia
Achille Stocchi
Christian Weiser

LEP Electroweak Working Group

Pierre Antilogus
Daniel Bloch
Markus Elsing
Klaus Hamacher
Chiara Mariotti
Klaus Mönig
Alexander Olchevsky
Peter Renton
Duncan Reid

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