DELANA, Reconstruction and Analysis software

DELANA, Event Reconstruction and Analysis software

Coordinator: John Wickens


Recent developments and usage
Delana on SHIFT and AFS

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5 Nov 1997 HK

DELANA is the main DELPHI software for Raw data event processing concerning Real and Simulated Data. This includes data decoding, Pattern recognition, track reconstruction, Event tagging.

DELANA code needs a well kept (updated) DELPHI Detector description and Calibration Database to include detector status, calibration/Alignment constants and individual detector code, capable of understanding the database structures and contents correctly.

The programme is built similarly to DELSIM, with a main steering calling individual detector codes and uses DDAPP for the reconstruction.

The main output stream is (since 1991) Full-DST. Additional output streams are provided, as needed, for detector checking, luminosity (SAT), alignment, etc.

The I/O is managed via the UX-package to ensure correct data transmission.

To create the Full-DST output it calls PXDST.
This is usually activated on DELFARM to minimize processing steps and data volume.

contact :

John Wickens, Responsible for DELANA steering code, detector code collection, testing, libraries and DELFARM-processing

Each sub-detector group is responsible for its DELANA code.

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