DELSIM Simulation software

DELSIM Simulation Software and Production

Project LeaderJon GUY

Simulation Team

Simulation software and databases

DELSIM is the standard DELPHI Simulation software package.

The composition is a steering skeleton to which various event generators 
may be plugged in. 

Each detector group provides its individual code to co-exist with the 
entire DELPHI Detector set up.

The DELPHI Detector Description and Calibration Database is needed
to track through detector modules (using DDAPP) and to guarantee events
being reconstructed as close as possible to real Events.

The output of raw-data structure for the Simulation Events can be
either with a perfect Detector or (using the Calibration and Status
files on the CARGO Database) reflecting Run conditions as for real
Data written at the Pit.

You may access here some 
constants and branching ratios used in the different DELSIM processings.

Simulation production and organization

A decision of CERN's Cocotime (Committee for computer time allocation)
stipulates that the main simulation production for all major experiments
has to be produced outside CERN.

A coordinator (see Simulation Team above) has to make sure that

  The Time Ranges for the Database selections are respected.
  Events are generated with different Random number seeds.
  Programme versions and Snapshot Databases are correctly installed

These requirements are very important to ensure coherent
datasets for big samples, or for specific needs expressed by the Physics

The Simulated RAW data is written on tape, kept in the Lab which produces 
Simulated Events, for eventual reprocessing through DELANA.

Only the main output stream of DELANA (DST only) is then transported
to the Central Tape Vault at CERN for general use.
The DST-output cassette numbers are assigned by the Simulation coordinator,
or, Anita Bjorkebo  to avoid double numbers.

The TMS-libraries are looked after by the DELPHI Group for Central
Computing, subsequent copies into the Robots and entries to FATMEN.
The Simulation DST database is kept up-to-date and may be consulted
via WWW by clicking here. 
The supervision of this database is done by Pierre Lutz

For the Sending of data to CERN, it is important to have the
correct address within CERN in order to avoid delays.
              TAPE VAULT BUILDING 513
              att. DELPHI - experiment
              1211 GENEVE 23
The Tape vault group will then contact the DELPHI Group for Central
Computing at arrival of the data. 
An E-mail to J.F.Lachavanne ,Tzanko Spassoff ,Anita Bjorkebo
is necessary to announce the sending and the data-contents for book-
keeping and NEWS.

For Cassette expeditions FROM CERN to some collaborating lab, an e-mail to 

Anita Bjorkebo

is needed in order to get it organized properly.

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