DELPHI concentrated all the off-line activities on AFS. CN provides Public Login UNIX Services (PLUS) to have access to AFS: dxplus (ALPHA/OSF1), hpplus (HP/HP-UX) and lxplus (Intel PC/Red-Hat Linux). All of them accept batch jobs, although the first two dispatch them to the private DELPHI batch utility DELSHIFT, while the third one to the public batch cluster LXBATCH.

To have more specific information on how AFS is used in DELPHI, you can access the following documents:

What is AFS?

AFS stands for "Andrew File System". It is a distributed file system developed at the Carnegie Mellon University. You have to imagine a distributed file system as a set of files kept somewhere on some remote machines (servers) that you access from your local workstation (client); you need not know where the files actually are or which server satisfies your requests. From the user's point of view, AFS offers improvements with respect to NFS, a Network File System widely used:

To know more about AFS and how to use it, here you have a collection of documents on the WWW:

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