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How to print at CERN

List of known DELPHI xprint printers

Usage : xprint -Pprinter_name file_name

List of all printers at CERN, sorted by building:

For more information have a look to the Printer Support page (who to call in case of problem with a printer, ...).

How to print/produce nice listing from UNIX

The a2ps command allows you to produce a nice postscript file form a simple text file. For example to format a listing in 2 pages per pages and 130 lines per pages you can do :
a2ps -l130 mylisting.for > mylisting.ps  
To print a Patchy listing ( produced with ylist ) or any file with "fortran carriage control" , you have first to interpret the carriage control. For this use the UNIX command asa.
Example : after the command
ylist tpcana.car 3 tpcana.list .go 
( option 3 of Ylist = 110 lignes par page + 1 ligne de header = 111 lignes/page).
You can direclty print a nice listing in DELICE by :
asa tpcana.list | a2ps -H" tpcana.list " -l111 -nf | rlpr -Pq_post  -2  
For details do a2ps -h .