DELPHI DELPHI Information Protection

The DELPHI World-Wide Web servers contain public and restricted information. Public information may be accessed by anybody in the world (e.g. people not within DELPHI). Restricted information can only be accessed by people from DELPHI.

Two security schemes are installed:

The userid and password are announced in the Collaboration Board at a Delphi week.

When a file is accessed, both schemes are checked. If your machine is in
    category 1: no further questions are asked
    category 2: you are asked for a username and password

Within a Web session, the user will be asked for the username/password at the first file which is secured and then remains valid for the rest of the browser session, unless further accessed files are located within a different server.

If a user does not know the www-userid and password for the protected information, the software contact person should be asked, or a mail sent to to get it.

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Created by Hansjoerg Klein and Jiri Chudoba.
Last modification: March 24, 2000