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CERN Computer accounts

Delphi Computer Administrators for accounts and afs diskspace are: Anita Bjorkebo or (in case of absence) Tzanko Spassoff.

The Newcomer has to fill and sign a legal document for the computer registration, unless already done within another experiment group. In the case, the person is not present at cern, this document may be found on the Web User Registration, printed locally and has to be sent to the Administrator by Fax (+41 22 782 3084). No accounts are released without this document.

Ones the accounts are ready with a login name and a temporary password the new user should do the following :

login with given username and password
then the user should type   
kpasswd (return)
The procedure will ask for the old password (temporary password) Then New (private) password (click for password rules at CERN). Then retype for Verification of the new password and Work may start.

If users have problems with the password (forgotten, crash during password change) the Delphi Administrator should be notified, and a new password will be provided through HelpDesk (tel. 78888).

All the central computers are using the AFS system. So, the same password is used to login to the central computers, and this is the AFS password.

For necessary documents related to the CERN Central Computing, see Documentation Retrieval Service

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