TAUPLUS: A DELPHI Tau Physics Analysis Package


A DELPHI Tau Physics Analysis Package
Version 5.4

TAUPLUS Coordinator

TAUPLUS is a software package which was conceived of by Team 3 in 1992 as the package to be used by Team 3 members in order to have consistency between different tau analyses being done by members of the tau team. TAUPLUS is a re-writing of the PJTAG software with which some members of the collaboration may be familiar. Information about where to find the software and documentation is listed at the end of this post. At LEP-200 TAUPLUS is used by a number of analyses with low multiplicity topologies.

TAUPLUS is designed as two separate sub-packages which work well together:

  1. steering routines which perform data I/O in an I/O package independent manner, i.e. you can use either PHDST or UX or a combination of the two
  2. physics routines which work with arrays, ZEBRA pointers and the UX commons which thus makes them independent of the routines used to perform the I/O. You can thus use these routines in any analysis you wish, provided you pass them their required arguments
There are routines for calculating the thrust axis, cone energies and radial energy and momentum to name a few items. In addition, there are routines which perform the standard Team 3 cuts for selecting tau events. TAUPLUS is written to be very modular. If you have routines you would like to add to this package, we will be more than happy to include them.

Click here if you would like to see the release notes for the latest version (5.4) of TAUPLUS.

Click here if you would like to see the release notes for version 5.3 of TAUPLUS.

Click here if you would like to see the release notes for version 5.2 of TAUPLUS.

The package currently is composed of four libraries, three for the different types of I/O and one for the physics routines. They have been compiled and tested on the following platforms:

Porting of the software is very easy, provided you have the DELPHI libraries installed. You can find the software in the tau task area in the following places (note 8/3/2001 - it has moved recently from the team3 account):

With so many diverse areas to support, it was necessary to modify the library building and example scripts and command procedures. These files now have the capability to determine which platform is being used and sets the compilation and link options automatically. You, as a user or library builder, need only change a few variables at the beginning of the files and some file assignments in the example script for your data files.

A manual has been written and is available as DELPHI Note 94-131 PROG 209 from the DELPHI secretariat or here via the web

If you have any questions, please contact me.

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Dave Edsall