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Using WIRED (ralwired98 version)

The WIRED Event Display allows you to view events at different orientations and magnifications.

To change the magnification, press the Zoom and Zoom buttons. To view the event from different angles, drag the mouse across the screen (within the black viewing area). If you want to keep a certain view, you can hold down a mouse button and move the pointer out of the viewing area. To restore the original view, press the button.

Although it's almost certainly easiest to see the topology of the event by rotating at random, you can think of it as dragging the surface of an (invisible) globe centred at the primary vertex.

Display Elements

Conversion from DST

Events are converted from the latest processing's shortDST to the WIRED format by the des script using d2wired.

Known Bugs


Thanks to Mark Dönszelmann of CERN IT/IPT Group for conceiving and realizing WIRED and for all his changes for this version.


Java and Swing were developed by Sun Microsystems. Ælfred is from Microstar Software. Swing and Ælfred are Java class libraries, parts of which are included in the downloaded WIRED archive. The relevant licenses, available from the above-referenced web sites, should be consulted before attempting to develop or redistribute this software.
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