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You will find in this page some informations related to the DELPHI Superteam B/C.
If you have questions or want to contribute to our work, please, contact us.


Proposal of Topics which can be started immediately


Coordinators : F. Parodi , A. Stocchi , C. Weiser

Sub_Teams :

Papers for Summer 2001 Conferences

Official DELPHI page (Abstracts)

Papers/Drafts (ps-files)

Papers for Osaka (Summer 2000 Conferences)

Official DELPHI page for b/c team (Abstracts)

Papers/Drafts (ps-files)

B C physics results

B C papers (Published papers and drafts in progress)

B C general information

Program of the b/c Team in view of the completion of LEP1 analyses.

Tuning of Lepton Identification for B Physics.

The new inclusive B reconstruction package.

Short presentation of the activities .

DELPHI Latest Results and Figures Preliminary version of the B C Team contribution to this page

Talks and Conference Proceedings

M. Feindt: Charm and Beauty Spectroscopy (Hawaii, March 1997)

P. Roudeau: Charm, Beauty and Tau Physics at LEP (Varenna, July 1997)

U. Gasparini: b-Fragmentation Properties (HEP98 Vancouver, July 1998)

F. Parodi: B-s Mixing, Limits on Delta m-s (HEP98 Vancouver, July 1998)

A. Stocchi: B0-B0bar Oscillation and measurement of V_ub/V_cb at LEP (HQ98 Chicago, October 1998)

D. Bloch : Beauty and Charm Physics at LEP ( Moriond 1999 )

D. Bloch : Charm Spectroscopy in DELPHI ( workshop on Hadron Spectroscopy-Frascati 9-12/March 1999

C. Weiser : Fragmentation into b hadrons ( Tampere 1999 )

Articles of General Interest

F.Parodi, P. Roudeau and A. Stocchi: Constraint on the parameter of the CKM Matrix by end 1998