Tagging the beauty quarks

The task provides the information on the beauty content of events using the impact parameter of charged tracks measured in the Vertex Detector complemented by information on the reconstructed secondary vertices. The program is supported by Guennadi Borisov and Chiara Mariotti. 
What is b-tagging ?
Click here to get a short introduction to the b-tagging package. A more detailed description can be found in the DELPHI Note 94-125 PROG 208 and in DELPHI note 97-94 PHYS 716  (published in NIM A417(1998), 384).
A detailed description of the fine tuning of the track impact parameter resolution can be found in the DELPHI note 95-142 PHYS 567 (HTML) (PS about 4.5MByte) by G.Borisov and C.Mariotti (published in NIM A 372 (1996) 181) and in DELPHI note 97-96 PHYS 717 for the upgraded DELPHI micro vertex detector.

Some information on how to use the B confidence method, ( PS ) introduced in version 6.03, can be found here.

Where to find the program ?
The latest Version of the Package is V-6.03 from 960130 20:07:00.
How to use b-tagging ?
Here are some hints how to use the program.
EXAMPLE on how to use the program in the SKELANA environment is given.
This is the example on how to run the old impact parameter b-tag on the SHORT DST.
Study of b-tagging systematics
 Dependence of b-tagging on the number of jets in event.
 Dependence of b-tagging on the energy.
 Estimate of b-tagging systematics at high energy.
B-tagging News
We give here  some of the b-tagging news which were posted in VAXNEWS.  Mainly the news on the important changes in the package are given here. All  news concerning b-tagging can be found  here .

 28-aug-1996   - Version 6.04. Flag IFSPOT is available.
 18-mar-1997  - Version 6.08. Subroutine AABTGJ is introduced.
 04-jul-1997  - Subroutines AACMBT, AACMZ0, AACMHZ, AACMHA are introduced.
 02-jul-1998  - Version 7.01. Flags to include or exclude any of b-tagging variables are explained.
 22-feb-1999  - Version 7.03. Tuning for 98D2
 30-mar-1999  - Version 7.04. Tuning of lepton rate (b-tagging only!!!) in simulation 98D2, 98A1,97F3.


Last Update: 26th May 1999
 Guennadi Borisov ,   Chiara Mariotti