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M. Feindt, W. Oberschulte gen. Beckmann, C. Weiser

The Program MAMMOTH was made to improve
the event reconstruction and aspects of
the current Tracking of DELPHI. MAMMOTH is looking for :

Some of our colleages think that a MAMMOTH is a dead ELEPHANT .

If your browser understands Java, you can see here that this is not true: MAMMOTH lives!

                                SOME DOCUMENTATION

(the manual is unfortunately not up to date; please have a look in the
  transparencies of the GSM talks below for latest changes)

Mammoth Reference Manual html
Mammoth Manual psfile

Scanned transparencies of talks given in the GSM for V0 reconstruction and new tracking

 10 March 1999:  V0 reconstruction in MAMMOTH (PS file)
 28 April 1999   :  MAMMOTH and the new IDVD/VDONLY... tracking (PS file)

 Theses containing some description of the algorithms and physics applications
  for VDONLY tracking  and vertex detector dE/dx:
  Observation of the B* Dalitz Decay with the DELPHI Detector at the LEP Collider (W.Oberschulte gen. Beckmann)
  for hadronic interactions, kinks etc.:
 Messung der Produktionsraten von Sigma-, Bs und B+ Hadronen in Z-Zerfaellen (C. Weiser)

  Publications and conference contributions explicitely using MAMMOTH tools

  Sigma- production in hadronic Z decays

   First Observation of the B* Dalitz decay

Some PICTURES which illustrate what MAMMOTH does:

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