SCANFAT - SCANning of the FATmen database

SCANFAT is a graphical user interface, between FATMEN and DELPHI Experiment members, written in Tcl/Tk.

Use the Online Web Page for SCANFAT

Actual release of scanfat is version 1.9. You can fetch

SCANFAT is installed only on the afs cell, and need an X-environnment (of course, Tcl/Tk men...). You can launch it from the command-line with

scanfat &
or from the HePiX group-menu (Middle-Button of your mouse).

Here are some pictures:

Search with a regular expression all nicknames that contain the word bbps followed anywhere by 95. In this example, we see what mean one of the two found nicknames; SH_BBPS_B95_1L_C2:

Search to which nickname(s) belong the file EK1190.4. In this example, we see what is the only one found nickname LONG96_E1:

Search where is located Run 61492 and its event 47405. Here, three nicknames are found, and we see content of the file EK1068.1, which is equivalent to the FATMEN nickname LOLEPT95_C2/C1:

View all the Real Data in tape format SHORT. 18 nicknames are listed:

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