Private PostDST production on central nodes

   Following the demand of the users the Short and Long DST processing
facilities  has been installed on  a public area  to make possible the
private production of simulated events on some central computers.  The
general production on  the Delphi FARM  is done on Alpha/OSF  stations
and by consequence the private  production is set  up on the  Delshift
Alpha OSF nodes only  for full compatability.  The migration to  other
platforms needs more detailed studies. 

   All necessary files and tools are installed under the AFS  so to be 
accessible to all users at CERN and at outside laboratories.  For each 
production year and version there is a separate directory, e.g.

etc. and some more are added for the new reprocessings. 
   In these directories you will find the bare minimum for the private
production : 
   - executables (shortdst.exe, longdst.exe or xshortdst.exe); 
   - description files (shortdst.des, longdst.des or xshortdst.des) to 
     define the output data structure; 
   - ASCII data files (calibration, alignement etc.)  necessary to run 
     the executables (corresponding to the usual $DELPHI_DAT area); 
   - simple scripts (runsdst, runldst or runxsdst) to run your jobs; 

   The executables are  built up on the  FARM in a Delshift-like envi-
ronment and copied to the AFS directories.  No  PAM files or libraries
are available there. 

   Users who would  like to look  at the code of  different production
versions or recreate the libraries and  executables on other platforms
could find  and copy the   PAM's and cradles   on the Delphi  software
server with the usual "ftp" tools : 
   Name ( anonymous 
   Guest login ok, send your complete e-mail address as password. 
   ftp> cd pub/short_prod/97a1/src/car/ 
and transfer the files. 

   Before running  private production jobs  the user should set up the
environment in the following way : 
   - log on a central node (HPPLUS is the recomended one); 

   - issue the command  "crypttok"  and  answer the questions  to make 
     known to the node your AFS password. This procedure should be re- 
     peated when your AFS password changes; 

   - establish a default shift machine of the type ALPHA OSF as on the  
     Delphi FARM to run the job issuing the command "qset -h shift27"; 
   - copy the runsdst or runldst scripts  ( for short or long DST res- 
     pectively )  for the production version you would like to run and 
     change it indicating to the PDL file which is inside it  your in- 
     put and output tapes/files; 
   - submit your batch job in the special very long queue "prio", e.g. 
     using the command "qsub -q prio -eo runsdst". The right to run in 
     the queue should be previously demanded to the PostDST production

   The output of the private postDST production should be written only
on user's multifile DLT tapes EExxxx or scratch areas. All information 
about this data and their contents is under the full responsability of
the users or physics  teams producing them. No centralized bookkeeping 
for these data is considered.

   All questions and problems should be reproted  directly to the Post
DST production task responsible.
  • Last update 05 Sep 1997
    Tzanko Spassoff
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