SKELANA home page

Version 1.05

Skeleton analysis program

Authors: Tzanko Spassoff and Nikolai Smirnov

Skelana is a simple skeleton (template) program aimed to be used as an example and backbone in DELPHI DST analysis. It reads different DST structures (mini, short, full) and fills up standardized common blocks helping the users to organize their analysis in a uniform way regardless of the DST type.

Some more recent changes and improvements concerning mainly LEP2 period are described in the Delphi Note

Skelexa: example program

Author: Fabio Cossutti

An example program, Skelexa, is available in the DSTANA environment together with Skelana. It is based on the quality checking code written for SHORT and MINI DST control; it fills a set of histograms concerning several physical quantities in the skelana framework, using the standard common blocks.