Summary of DELANA processings in 1998

DELANA processings in 1998


Below is a summary of the main Delana processings made during 1998 .
Early incomplete processings of the data and the numerous processings of calibration data used to prepare full reprocessings or to test code developments are not included.
For all processings during 1998, the New Forward Tracking (NFT) version of the code was used.

98C Processing.

The 98C processing was started on June 17th. Data taken prior to this date were reprocessed and the processing was continued until the end of the data taking.
Using the data taken during cosmic running and the B processing of the first period of Z0 peak data, the following alignment and detector calibrations were available from the start of the C processing. During the course of the C processing , updates were allowed to the code and data base where these were necessary to prepare the D processing. The main updates were : Known problems with the C processing are:

98D Processing.

The 98D processing is the first fully consistent processing of this years data.
Note that this processing is the first to use the new pattern recognition in the Hadron Calorimeter based of the cathode read-out.
In addition, futher refinements to the tracking algorithms were introduced.
The data were processed in three batches Compared with the situation at the END of the 98C processing, the additional updates were:

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