Track Selection

    Chris Parkes: 01/04/99

A standard DELPHI Track Selection for Hadronic Analyses at LEP2.

A SKELANA compatible implementation of this selection is provided.

Background :
Originally suggested by Alessandro de Angelis, March '98
Track Selection and Recovery procedure with provisional documentation by Chris Parkes, May '98
Track Selection implemented in SKELANA and released by Tzanko Spassoff, February '99
Updated version Autumn'99, in the context of the SKELANA version 2.0 rewrite

General Comments :
This is intended to be a simple routine, if you wish to develop significantly more sophisticated algorithms you should probably be working with the Energy Flow or Track Fit Fixing Tasks. The routine is intended to be non-controversial ! It is based on previous DELPHI Track Selections :
Team 4 - see T. Todorov Thesis
Searches Teams A and B Selection
Initial W Team Selection

This selection is simply a reccommended basis for track selections - you are not forced to use it !
Indeed it will certainly not be suitable for all analyses.

Note that the old (sometimes erroneously reffered to as LEP1) SKELANA selection has been preserved for backwards compatibility only. It is strongly advised not to use this selection.

Documentation :
Documentation for Track Selection and SKELANA version 2.0 DELPHI Note 99-175 PROG 239

'98 D2 Proc. Period 1 Z peak data plots plots April '99

A selection of '97 and '98 Z peak data plots from a MAD presentation September '98

If you have any queries or comments please mail Chris Parkes.

Chris Parkes, December '99.